CPA Affiliate Marketing Beginners Tutorial 2022

CPA affiliate marketing has quite few advantages compared to regular affiliate marketing. The difference between CPA affiliate programs and normal affiliate programs is that CPA programs will pay you for leads instead of sales. It is often enough that someone enters their email address into a form for you to get paid a commission. Because CPA programs pay you even when you do not make a sale it is often easier to make money with them. To promote CPA programs you can use several traffic strategies.

The easiest way to get started promoting CPA programs is by writing articles. This is free, but it does require some work. First you should build a landing page for your offer. This can be either a simple website on its own domain or a free blog (you can use the popular Blogger service for example). Just write a short article or review related to the CPA offer you are promoting and put it on the site. Then do some keyword research using the Google AdWords tool. Find keywords related to the niche of your CPA offer with low competition. Next you should write an article for each of these keywords. If you do not know what to write, just look at other websites or articles for inspiration (do not copy though). When your articles are finished you can then submit them to popular article directories like EzineArticles or Goarticles.

Another way to promote your CPA offer is with Pay Per Click advertising (PPC). The most popular PPC program is Google AdWords. This is a little more complicated than article marketing and requires an advertising budget of at least a few hundred dollars. If you want to learn PPC marketing we recommend you sign up with one of the many PPC teaching sites that exist online (PPC Classroom is a good one). Taking your time to learn PPC marketing can be very rewarding. Many online marketers make millions (that´s right millions) with CPA programs and PPC.