Discover Crucial Time Management Tips For Your Affiliate Beginners Tutorial 2022

As an affiliate marketing newbie or advanced marketer, you will have discovered that there is so much to do and so little time in which to accomplish your tasks. This small set of tips is to guide you through better time management in your business

  • As an affiliate marketing entrepreneur, you must stop being busy doing non-productive things and take action. It is so easy to spend all day doing “stuff” but actually not doing anything productive. Do not busy yourself with unnecessary activities like checking your website’s ranking for the nth time that day. Instead, spend your time doing things that will take your business forward. TAKE ACTION!
  • Stop buying ebook after affiliate marketing ebook. Especially if you have not read the last one yet and implemented what you have learnt.

This is why selling information products is so lucrative.

The average person buys one ebook, reads the first few pages, gets really excited about it and never revisits the book.

Or they actually read the e book or watch the training videos, learn a lot of effective and useful techniques, get excited about this but never implement this and go looking for another ebook on the exact same subject. Talk about wasted study time.

As an affiliate marketer, when you buy a training ebook, read it thoroughly, absorb it, implement the points you have learnt, assess your results before moving on to the next purchase

  • Be sure to have a planned work schedule for your affiliate marketing business. It is a true saying that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. So have a documented work schedule and stick to it.

When you have written down your work schedule, you need to remember that affiliate marketing is a real business. With every business there is “learn time”, time dedicated to learning the ropes of the business; and there is “earn time”, time dedicated to implementing what you have learnt and getting results.

You will never make money in affiliate marketing or any other business without taking action on what you have learnt

In your affiliate marketing schedule, you must clarify what is learn time and what is earn time and be sure to allocate at least as much time to earn time as you do to learn time

  • Accelerate your learning by printing out your training ebooks, and carrying some 20 pages around with you. So if you have some down time, eg. waiting for the bus, you can read a few pages.
  • Do not get too emotionally attached to a campaign. If you have set it up properly and it is not yielding results, move on. Either change your approach to your campaign or start another campaign
  • Don’t spend too much time checking your emails or visitor stats or AdSense accounts looking for that ever elusive sale.

Anyone in affiliate marketing will tell you how emails and checking your stats can eat up so many hours. You need to take control of this. 15 to 20 minutes is enough time to sort out your mail and your stats.

Instead spend the time generating traffic to your site or doing you SEO or writing an article to promote your business

These are but a few tips for managing time efficiently in your affiliate marketing business