Affiliate Marketing Success #WorkingSmartOnline

One popular way you can make money with your website or blog is by promoting affiliate programs. Many people however have found that they do not make money with affiliate marketing – so what are the secrets? How can one ensure that they do make money from affiliate products?

The first step in making money with affiliate products is to have some way of capturing leads. Few people make sales the first time someone comes to their website or blog so you need to create some way of staying in touch with those who are interested. If you have a website this can be done using a lead capture page, if you have a blog you may wish to offer a newsletter on your blog or some free product that people need to give you their email address for.

This brings us to the second point: people won’t generally just give you their email addresses on a lead capture page or a blog. You need to offer them something free! Either create, have created or find a product with giveaway rights related to your affiliate products that you can give to your customers in order to get their email address. Once you have given them something of value and you have their email addresses, you will find your affiliate marketing that much easier.

If you create a freebie or have it created for you then turn it viral. This means that you allow other people to give it away as well and so you multiply your marketing. Embed the freebie with your affiliate links and then when people give out your product and follow the links they will be your affiliate links and you will gain the commission. This means that you now have a whole free sales force advertising your affiliate products for you.

Another important aspect of affiliate marketing is targeted advertising. Use forums, article marketing and email groups to advertise your affiliate products to people who are genuinely interested in the subject. Find forums on your topic, write (or have written) articles where you can advertise your affiliate links and join email groups where you can post helpful advice related to your affiliate products.

The secrets to affiliate marketing therefore lie in having a way to follow up on people who are interested in your affiliate products. An easy way to do this is by giving away a valuable freebie. Even better is if you can make this a viral freebie with your affiliate links in it so that you can multiply your affiliate marketing efforts. Use targeted advertising to get leads to come to your page with forum marketing, article marketing and email groups related to your affiliate products.

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