The Rich Jerk – Savvy Business Guru or Marketing Charlatan Beginners Tutorial 2022

The Internet has truly revolutionized the way business is conducted since it first became popular about ten years ago. In that time, countless people have made and lost fortunes by taking advantage of the new ways of conducting business online. A few people have even made money by teaching people how to conduct business online, and that group is growing every day. Business is good; teaching business seems to be even better.

One clever individual known only as The Rich Jerk falls into this group. He claims to have earned millions of dollars conducting business on the Internet, and for a relatively small fee, he will send you an ebook that will share with you the very same techniques that he used to get rich himself. Is that the case, or is the Rich Jerk just offering the same tired advice that everyone else has written about previously? Is there more to the Rich Jerk than just a clever name?

The name is clever, and he does come across as a jerk. His writing style is intentionally obnoxious as he constantly reminds us of Just How Rich He Is and that he is doing us a favor by sharing his ideas with us. The obnoxiousness is part of his gimmick; he does, after all, call himself a jerk. What about the advice?

The Jerk offers a number of different plans to make money online; he is clearly not a one trick pony. He offers advice on Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, selling on eBay by buying through wholesalers, and using Google AdWords to your greatest advantage and even creating your own informational ebook. While such a wide variety of topics would seemingly be glossed over quickly, he does manage to convey a surprising amount of information in a small amount of space. He even devotes a fair amount of text to a special section for beginners. If you don’t know how to build a Website or the first thing about affiliate marketing, you won’t get lost. He explains the nuts and bolts of such topics and provides suggestions as to how you can minimize the learning curve that naturally comes with any new business venture.

Can you get rich overnight using advice of The Rich Jerk? No, but no one else can offer that kind of advice, either. He does offer sound advice that, when applied correctly, can conceivably earn money for you in as little as a week. Some of his techniques can even be put to use for little or no money, which will come as a bonus to cash-strapped do it yourselfers. Like any other advice, the Rich Jerk’s techniques will work for those who can put a bit of effort into applying it. If you are one of those sorts of people, then the Rich Jerk’s advice is probably worth buying. If you are just looking for a money-printing machine that requires no thought or effort, you’d best keep looking.