Downline Building Network Review Beginners Tutorial 2022

Downline Building Network is a post card network marketing business created by a gentleman named Gerald Peters from Huntsville Texas.

The products sold by DBN are primarily the post cards that you will be mailing to prospects and leads that come on peal and stick sheets. The monthly auto ship cost is $25 for 25 post cards and leads or $100 for 100 post cards and leads. You can of course purchase as many cards and leads as you like. The idea being the more cards you mail the faster you will build a downline. If you do not have the time to mail out your cards, Downline Building Network mails them out for you, for a fee.

When you join DBN you are given a distributor number. This number is written on your cards so that when a prospect joins your team all commissions are tracked back to you.

Mr. Peters is a disciple of the very talented marketer Joe Schroeder. Gerald has written many books and has his own monthly opportunity magazine. One of the criticisms I have read about him is that he is always trying to sell you one more book that has all the answers in it, of course for more money. However, as an affiliate of DBN you would receive a commission on the sale of his books to anyone on your team providing you have also purchased that book. This to me is a great deal. Think about it, he writes, publishes and distributes the book, and you get a cut of the profits. I feel that anyone that criticizes this does not understand the beauty of affiliate marketing.

The reason people find this method of building a downline appealing is that like most people, they have more than likely failed at traditional network marketing. It should be noted that with the price of cards and stamps, there would be a substantial investment to build a sizable downline.

The most cost affective way of reaching the largest number of qualified people is hands down the Internet. With an understanding of online marketing, you will have massive amounts of interested people seeking you out to join your network marketing business, even if it’s a post card business like Downline Building Network