Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners – 3 Tips to Spot ‘The Beginners Tutorial 2022

As beginner marketers you are constantly being bombarded with information. Some of it is great and some is downright dirty. While most affiliate marketers are fantastic people, unfortunately the Internet does provide a chance for the more unethical to thrive as well.

I know that some new marketers have even been lured into the ‘fast cash lane’ only to find that not only was the cash reward far less than they were promised, but that they had also unwittingly become involved in illegal practices such as spamming or even unwittingly pirating other affiliates commissions.

So with all the unethical marketing techniques out there, how do beginners sort out the good guys from the bad guys without having to learn by experience?

Tip 1 – Get involved in a forum.

There is definitely safety in numbers, so find a forum that you like, that is supportive and that lets you have access to some really experienced guys and gals in the industry. You will gain a wealth of insider information about techniques, products as well as warning about the latest scams and the scams that have just been ‘repackaged’. Understanding what you are doing is a massive part of affiliate marketing. Joining a forum will allow you access to people who are more savvy in areas that you may be weaker in.

Tip 2 – Ask ‘Google’.

One of the best ways to find out anything about anything is to ask a search engine like Google or Yahoo for information. You’ll soon learn what others have experienced first hand as well as get a feel for how good an organization is. Just type in the name of the product that you want to research and head on over to a search result that looks like a forum or a blog. When something is not right people are very quick to bag it online!

Tip 3 – Use Your Gut.

There is no such thing as a legitimate get rich quick scheme and anyone that tells you otherwise is just downright telling you lies. If it looks dirty, smells dirty and feels dirty, then chances are that it is dirty. It is far better to lose out on one deal than be blacklisted, defrauded or even jailed because you did not do your research properly.

There are some fabulous people and programs out there and they are also pretty easy to find once you start digging. Their advice and teaching will be invaluable to your successful affiliate marketing career.