Affiliate Marketing – Online Affiliate Marketing Part 12 – Beginners Tutorial 2022

First off go grab some inspiration.

Look around your own market that you wish to penetrate and grab some examples of written advertisements. Now this may sound like a waste of effort but to get the language ingrained into your brain cells, write them out word for word. Now that I have frightened 97% of the readers off, for the people that want to keep reading this is the best way to write those great sales letters. Just take a look at the work of the great copywriters like – John Carlton, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Harlen Kilstein etc and copy there works until it becomes part of you.

  • Copywriting The Affiliate Marketers Main Tool.

Your main tool as an affiliate marketer is your ability to ‘sell’ a product to people, and you can only sell as well as you can express yourself.

  • Copywriting and Why?

This is especially true when you consider how most blogs and websites are used for affiliate marketing. You will be essentially talking about the product you are trying to sell, and this is why you have to learn how to effectively write down convincing content – otherwise known as copywriting.

  • What is Copywriting?

Simply put, copywriting is all about writing to convince people to buy your product or your services. It is virtually present in everything you do on the Internet – from blog comments to forum posts to article creation. This makes copywriting an essential skill for you as an affiliate marketer, since you will be using your skill with words to persuade people.

  • Why does it Matter?

For starters, your primary tool in online affiliate marketing is your ability to write and convince people to buy a product. Heck, it is your entire job to bring people to a business and convince them to buy a product. If you are unable to effectively express yourself in the right words, then you are essentially going to fail in affiliate marketing.

One last thing:

If you seriously and irrevocably believe that you are no good with writing words or convincing people, then you had best start learning how to do so.