9 Week Total Immersion – Marketing and Brand Building Development

Includes (additional features can be added at NO Extra Charge):

  • Reworking and Optimizing Google Ads Account – Focus Youtube Call To Action Ads
  • Daily and Weekly Stats Study and Developing of Tube Ads
  • Reworking and Optimizing Website and Landing Pages – Focus SEO Friendly – Faster Loading
  • Add Premium Marketing Tools and Plugins – Focus Create Stronger Conversions
  • Reworking And Optimization of Youtube Channel(s)
  • Reworking and Optimization of Social Media Accounts – Primary Facebook
  • Creating a Minimum of 18 Video Animated Ad Creatives  2 New Ads Per Week – Focus Stronger Call To Action
  • Creating 20-40 Second Video Shorts, 3 Per Day for Both Youtube Shorts and FB Stories
  • Evaluate and Optimize Derek Hart’s 32 Year Of Media Content And Developing A Strong Online – Working Smart Assets From Dereck’s Content
  • Reworking Derek’s 4 Men 5.3 Million View Video – New Titles, Keywords, Description and New Youtube Cards – Call To Actions
  • Daily Review Calls – To Study and Confirm Positive Work Flow
  • End Of Week Reviews Of Weekly Status and Goals
  • The Above Delivered Over a 10 Week Program – The First Week Spent of Getting Our Ducks In A Row (NO CHARGE) – First Week Free For 9 Week Immersion Development
  • One Year Full Tech Support After 10 Week Development Program
  • Optional – Monthly Guidance Fee (After Immersion Development)
    $2700 – Hopefully NOT NEEDED!
  • Development Goal – To Get Mr Hart Earning More By Working Less – AKA Working Smart Online.
    Starting Out On Small $20 Per Day Youtube Ad Budget – Smartly Analyzing Data To Work Up To An Optimize Ad Budget to Meet Daily Cash Flow Goals Of Mr Hart.

Total Fee – Due $16,700 USD