Make Money Online – Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Beginners Tutorial 2022

Making money online is the way to go. If you want to be free financially without having to go to business school for 4 years and be CEO of some company then affiliate marketing is just the thing for you. Making money online is great and affiliate marketing is one of the things you do to make money online. Ever heard of selling products online?

Well if you have, this is just that only better. When people sell products on the Internet to make money, it usually requires some physical effort. This consists of packaging and shipping the product, processing orders etc. Well with affiliate marketing you won’t have to worry about any of those things.

When you make money online with affiliate marketing you promote other peoples product by sending people directly to the sales page where the product is being pitched. If a sale is made the affiliate gets paid commission. Here’s how it works…There are affiliate networks out there that play middle man with the affiliate and the owner of the product.

When you join one of these affiliate networks such as Commission Junction you can begin to become an affiliate to the products and services of your desire. Once you become an affiliate to these products and services, you are a given an “affiliate link” which connects you, the product, and the affiliate network. This “affiliate link” is what you will promote in order to make money online.

Your job is to promote this “affiliate link” as much possible, if someone where to click on the link, go to the page and ends up buying something then you will be paid a % previously determined by the owner of the product. Ways you can promote your “affiliate link” can be through making a blog, writing on forums, writing articles and submitting to articles sites.