How to Pimp Yourself Out on The Internet Beginners Tutorial 2022

You can keep your pants and chastity belt on for this one buddy–

–This concept is cleaner than you think.

Everyone of us has skills.

A skill set the we can potentially turn into dollar bills.

And lemme tell ya…

There’s a market for just about anything.

So before you write yourself off and say, “I don’t have any skills”


“I don’t know what I’m good at”

Let me stop you in your tracks for a second.

Because everyone is good at something. And once you realize what talents and skill sets you posses—

—You need to answer these 3 questions for yourself.

1. Is there a market in which I can utilize my unique skill set?

I know I said that there’s a market for just about anything (and that’s true) there’s still a small chance that what you have to offer isn’t necessarily marketable.

The only way you’ll be able to answer this question is to do a little investigation.

Google solves all of this for you. Type something in good ol’ Google search box that you think potential customers will look for, and then see what people are saying on blogs, Facebook, Twiter etc…

And that takes us to question two

2. What needs, wants and desires do these people want?

While you’re searching through the Google machine for a potential market, pay close attention to what people are saying.

When you do that, you’ll see that people will naturally confess what it is they want and need (MUY IMPORTANTE!!)

3. How can I use my skills to fulfill these needs?

Now comes the fun part. Once you figure out what people want, you’ll want to create something that meets those needs.

And don’t fret—

The creation process is fun, quick and easy. You just have to know your skills, take those skills to your marketplace…

And pimp those skills like there’s no tomorrow.

Oh yea and here’s a bonus tip for you to ignore at your own risk…

When you’re not working or spending time with family and friends, you should be spending that time sharpening your skills.

You should be on a mission to know everything there is to know about your area of expertise, and moreover, you should make it your mission to know more than your competitors.

And hey—

—You may never actually know everything to know about whatever it is that you do, (things are always changing in every industry) but as long as you show your audience that you care enough to stay up to date and fresh…

They will be infinitely grateful to the value that you provide in the form of dollar bills.

It’s that simple.

And whoever said “Pimpin ain’t easy” obviously wasn’t doing it right (aka… my way)