Project: Derek Hart – Results Based Marketing and Conversions

4 Week Marketing And Conversion Goals

  • Reworking and Optimizing Google Ads Account – Focus Youtube Call To Action Ads
  • Full Attention To Youtube Targeting, Ad Placement, Tracking and Conversion Engagement
  • Conversion of $796 Online Group Sessions
  • At Least 10 paid Signups Of Above Group On Or Before 3-1-2023
  • Ongoing Continued Marketing, Ad Creation and Optimization At ZERO Additional Costs Until Goals Are Met – Ongoing Until June 2025
  • Based On Goals Met – A Balance Of $62,850 Due at A Mutually Agreed Future Date – Based On Goals and Results of Above
  • Robert Farrell Will Provide All The Support, Guidance and Marketing Tools and Help Needed To Derek Hart Obtain The Conversion Needs and Goals Of Derek Hart
  • Based On NON RESULTS and Not Meeting Goals – Derek Hart May Request a FULL $5000 Refund on March 1st