10 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid Beginners Tutorial 2022

1. You want money NOW: we all need more money, and even if you’re in debt or any similar circumstances that require quick money, do not think that you’ll get a lot of money quickly by affiliate marketing or any other online business.

Of course there are some ways that are faster than others, but there is an important point that you need to fully understand, which is that the programs that make you money faster than others do not give much, and do not give residual income. So, you get some money quickly but you are not building your business.

2. Not choosing the right affiliate program: checking the program before you register is important. You should check how the proven record of the program, what people say about it, the products, commission payment options and timing.

3. Joining many affiliate programs at the same time: you can not give your full attention to many programs at the same time, because you’ll have distractions from all sides, and you’ll end up not succeeding or making any money at all, and also your efforts will be wasted. By choosing one or two good programs you can concentrate, learn, and succeed.

4. Not having your own website or blog: placing your affiliate links on advertising sites could work, but it will not get you the results you desire. To really get results from your advertising you need to have your own website. Of course having your website with your own domain name is the best, but if you do not have the necessary skills to run your own site, you can have a blog and work on it the same way.

5. Campaign Overload: Do not try everything on the same time, instead start with one or two methods for advertising and test these methods to see the results. If they work then you continue with them and add a new one. That way you’ll know which methods are working best for you.

6. Not Building your email list: It is important to collect emails (in the right way of course) and build your list, because these are the people to whom you’re going to send your offers.

7. Not committing yourself to your affiliate marketing work: to make money and get the results you want, you must commit yourself to your online marketing and treating it seriously as any job. Put a certain amount of time everyday for your business, and try to have a certain place at home to work in, and avoid distractions.

8. Not following the new developments at all aspects of the online business.

9. Being Lazy: as I said before, you can not succeed in anything without doing the needed effort. So, even if you see some success, do not become lazy and think that the money will keep on poring, because it could dry out at any time.

10. Giving up quickly if you do not get results: like anything else in life, working online has its ups and downs, so if you try and fail, do not give up. Just stop, review, research and start again after you understand what went wrong.